Our Team

Natalie Delao
(From left to right) Tom Moyer, Natalie Delao, Homam Sebti, Mia Bailey

Office Manager Natalie Delao

Natalie Delao is highly experienced in customer service and dental operations. Prior to coming to Zeal, she worked as a Treatment Coordinator at a multi-site orthodontic practice. She strives to create a positive experience for every patient who enters the practice. Natalie has one daughter and was born and raised in San Francisco. She is fluent in Spanish and English.

Hygienist Tom Moyer

Tom Moyer has been with this practice (previously named Gene McCoy, D.D.S.) for 30 years.  Tom demonstrates genuine care for and interest in his patients and does a great job in assisting them to maintain long-term oral health.

Registered Dental Assistant Mia Bailey

Mia Bailey has been with this practice for 20 years.  Mia is a tremendous conversationalist and specializes in helping put patients at ease.